6th September. Posted in News.

Hamilton Adhesive Labels, a leading manufacturer of multi-colour labels for the food and drink, industrial, household and personal care sectors, is now able to incorporate eye-catching, premium effect pigments into its printing to offer brand owners stand-out, creative packaging.

Ideal for luxury cosmetic, alcohol, confectionery and personal care brands, the multi-dimensional effect pigments enable Hamilton to deliver a completely bespoke appearance label. From a subtle shimmer to glittery sparkle, the pigments can create a unique tactile design feature or replicate products in print – make-up, for example.

The pigments will support brands drive product sales through enhanced shelf presence in a crowded and competitive retail landscape.

Paul Larkin, Operations Director at Hamilton Adhesive Labels, said: “These special effect pigments take brand communication and identity to new heights, bringing a novel, sensory experience to the consumer thanks to a label that has a completely unique finish.

“Providing iridescence and movement in changing light, labels containing the pigments will wow the consumer and allow a brand to stand out from others on the shelf. With brilliant depth of colour, the pigments give a striking appearance to any pack.

“Harnessing our technical expertise, we are responding to brand owner needs in terms of delivering something completely new and exciting for the labels market.”

Hamilton’s cutting-edge technology has been recognised for a top industry award. Its Crystal London Psychedelic Print label is shortlisted in the promotional print category at the prestigious FlexoTech Awards, held in October.